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http://www.permacultuurnederland.org/index.php?id=40: overzicht aan promotiefilmpjes, radio interviews ed.

Permacultuur in Nederland: introductie in een duurzaam ontwerpsysteem, Miquel Buckinx en Petra Biesta

Geoff Lawton: Food forests are at the heart of Permaculture and fast becoming a hot topic in many areas of debate as people realise the their full potential.

Geoff Lawton: Creating a food forest
UPDATE 29-7-08: The DVD is now available, its inspiring to say the least. Organize a house party and show the DVD, lets create forests everywhere, as forests increase rainfall and improve soil life and create micro climates for us to then plant food below them, planting natives to establish the land first and then coming after to plant in the understory is another idea. Plant seeds everywhere! 🙂 🙂


Permaculture: a quiet revolution

Relocalisation, David Holmgren

The ecological design revolution, John Todd

The synergistic garden, Emilia Hazelip

Global gardener, Bill Mollison

Forest gardening, Robert Hart

The eco machine, John Todd

Water harvesting, Geoff Lawton

Greening the desert, Geoff Lawton

A farm for the futureRebecca Hosking