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De strijd om energie: hoe de groeiende honger naar olie en gas de wereld in een crisis stort, Roy op het Veld

Permanente oliecrisis, Rembrandt Koppelaar en Willem Middelkoop
World oil production ald peaking outlook, Rembrandt Koppelaar


Minder olie, meer CO2, Rembrandt Koppelaar

The party’s over: oil, war and the fate of industrial societies
, Richard Heinberg.

The last oil shock: a survival guide to the imminent extinction of the petroleum man, David Strahan

Peak everything, Richard Heinberg

High noon for natural gas, Julian Darley

Big coal: the dirty secret behind America’s energy future, Jeff Goodell

Coal: recourses and future production, Energy watch group

Comparison of carbon capture and storage with renewable energy technologies regarding structural, economic and ecological aspects in Germany, Viebahn e.a.

The lean guide to nuclear energy: a life-cycle in trouble, David Fleming

A forest journey: the story of wood and civilization, John Perlin

Renewable energy cannot sustain a consumer society, Ted Trainer

The energy challenge: finding solutions to the problems of global warming and future energy supply, Geoffrey Haggis

A solar manifesto, Herman Scheer

The renewable energy handbook: a guide to rural energy independece, off-grid and sustainable living, William H. Kemp

Energy and the common purpose: descending the energy staircase with Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQ’s), David Fleming