Food4all Festival Wageningen: Dutch premiere: Crops of the Future

11/10/2012 - 16/10/2012: Hele dag
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Celebrate food and farming in Wageningen, theNetherlands! Food4all is a festival that takes you on a journey through sustainable family farming, agro-ecology and the right to food. The Food4All festival is a critical supplement to the “Food4you festival”. The festival seeks to provide a critical perspective on global food security, and give voice sustainable alternatives.

(Niet te verwarren met het Food4you festival ,vanaf  8 okt, georganiseerd door
Wageningen Universiteit. Dit is een tegenhanger)

Thursday 11 October 20.00h Leeuwenborgh C64 Hollandseweg 1 Wageningen

Public lecture: Land grabs and the Right to Food

How does mining relate to food production? Which tools are available to protect the right to food? With Claire Améyo Quenum (Togo, General secretary of the African Network on the Right to Food a.o.) and Nikita Shahbazi (FIAN Netherlands).

Friday 12 October: 20.00h

Forum C222 Droevendaalsesteeg 2 Wageningen 

 Expert panel: Feeding the world, a different logic

The debate rages on the best way to feed the world’s growing population. Tonight we explore the principles and practices of concepts such as agro-ecology and food sovereignty as a way forward. With Steve Sherwood (co-founder of Groundswell International a.o.), Jan-Douwe van der Ploeg (professor of Rural Sociology at WUR a.o.), Frank Verhoeven (founder Boerenverstand a.o.), Edith Lammerts van Bueren (chair Scientific committee for integrated sustainable agriculture and food a.o.). Moderator: Sophie Derkzen. Reception afterwards.

Saturday 13 October 17.30 – 21h,  Experimental farm Droevendaal, Kielekampsteeg 32, Wageningen

Regional farmers’ market and autumn dinner feast

Get your supply of fresh, organic goodies directly from local farmers and enjoy creatively cooked plates. Taste local cheese, meat, vegetables, bread, honey, juice, and beer. Did you know that all these products are grown in Wageningen and around? Enjoy the nice atmosphere with local beer, live music, discussion, local producers, farmers and more. Dinner can be reserved here (optional).


Tuesday 16 October, 20:30– 22h, Movie-W, Wilhelminaweg 3A, Wageningen

 Dutch premiere: Crops of the Future

After “The World according to Monsanto” and “Our daily poison”, Marie-Monique Robin offers us an encouraging study of agroecology and the solutions to our planet’s food crisis. How to feed the world in 2050? Through agroecology practices. While reminding us that one sixth of humanity still goes hungry today, and analysing the reasons for this, her film demonstrates that the situation is far from irrevocable, so long as we’re prepared to modify the current agricultural paradigm and rethink our management and organisation of the food chain.

Organised jointly with SOS Faim (Belgium). In French with English subtitles.

Registration (free of charge for all events) and more information: